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WEll just so you know the mod may still be on work, but some things will not be shown.

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well the mod is still being worked on, i guarantee that, but my computer cannot handle hw2. it can 3d model, but the cpu is only a 900mhz an can't operate just that alone, and i am using a graphic card from 1997. so yeah lol, it runs pretty decent. but its still very slow.

so in this spare time i have.

i am making 3d models for future imports. but while i wait till i get a new computer, i can even get started on textures.

some udates on the mod itself.

for now i am working on ONE race only and one at a time. instead of spreading all my efforts, why not just concentrate on just one. i mean one shiny race is better than 4 incomplete ones.

it'll go in this order.

japan. (i have NO idea on what to give them. or how there vehicles will be, i might just trash them.)

oh yeah, i am redoing alot of ideas, i am working on a basic outline on what race advantages and disadvantages are.

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Lol, from 1997? roflmao!

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i know its ridiculious.

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