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"Sappers in the wire!" An entire American firebase falls to a vicious VC attack in less than two minutes. Pure carnage!

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"SAPPERS IN THE WIRE!" was among the most dreaded warnings in American firebases during the Vietnam War.

American and South Vietnamese firebases and basecamps provided tempting targets for North Vietnamese and Vietcong forces.

These attacks were usually preceded by a torrent of artillery and rocket fire, closely followed by specially-trained troops called sappers, who could wiggle through defensive barbed and concertina wire to blow up bunkers and other installations.

Vietnam Combat Operations

"These enemy grunts are as hard as slant-eyed drill instructors!"

With the defenders busy dealing with infiltrators, waves of AK-47-armed infantry would surge forward to try to storm the camp. In this uncut segment from The 'Nam: Vietnam Combat Operations, we'll see an American firebase being attacked by rockets, sappers, then hundreds of infantry supported by heavy weapons.

Though ferocious napalm drops by A4 Skyhawks obliterate entire platoons of Vietnamese, the base and all its defenders are wiped out in just over two minutes.

The 'Nam : Vietnam Combat Operations is a real time strategy game created by Tiger Yan which recreates company-sized combat operations set during the American phase of the Vietnam War (1965 – 1975), termed by Vietnamese as the Second Indochina War.

Players can choose to play as the US Marine Corps or the Vietcong (VC) and People’s Army of Vietnam (PAVN). Marines can draw support from additional service branches like the Army for Special Forces (SF) troops, plus the Air Force and Navy for land and carrier-based air support.

The VC and PAVN in turn, can set-up and capture villages or go underground and fight from hidden tunnel systems.

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"Eve of Destruction" theme by Barry McGuire (1965). Vietnam firebase assault segment from "Purple Hearts" (1984). "PAVN Charging" image by Ronald Volstad. "Grunts in a Firebase" thumbnail by Paul Barker.

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