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A quick update to show you what I've been working on. Also a look at how the Marines are coming along.

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Well after almost 2 months of no news I've finally got something that's almost worth it.

Behold! The Marine Helmet!

I modeled it after the Halo 1 Marine's helmet, worn here by my crewman who now has his own icon! Good times!

Unfortunately progress is very slow. I'm still looking for Modellers to help me as I have next to no modelling experience. If you have experience working with Milkshape and Men of War please contact me.

As for now, I'll struggle onward on my own. I hope to get the Marine finished soonish but with the lack of community support for the english version of Men of War its hard to find any tutorials that can really help me so I'm really struggling.

Yet again, if you or anyone you know has experience modelling things for Men of War then please contact me via PMs.

SILENTrampancy - - 33 comments

Maybe switch to a game with a more robust modding community? I dunno if you have any special attachment to men of war, but there are probably plenty of other games to try this with. And since you're not so far in, finding a better platform now might be the best idea as oppose to getting frustrated later on and quitting altogether.

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[TWDEV]Brrr - - 36 comments

To be fair men of war is a very popular game with a lot of mods attached to its name. Personally I don't like men of war as a game but i could see a halo style genre working well with the existing game mechanics.

However don't Halo mods usually get taken down by bungee on copyright grounds?, so changing the name might be a good idea.

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amf66 - - 9 comments

No, Halo mods are subject to Microsoft's fair use policy -- for example, Halo: Out With a Whimper hasn't been bothered by Bungie or Microsoft.

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Elando Author
Elando - - 53 comments

Quite a few other games that I'd like to make a Halo mod for already have them. The only alternative game I can think of is Company of Heroes really.

What I'm trying to accomplish by setting the game in Men of War is a new take on the Halo games. We'll see if I get any offers to join the team and if not I'll most likely swap to CoH.

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sgtteris - - 303 comments

Either way, I hope it goes well for you. A mod like this would be great.

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Lawsonator - - 42 comments

"I'll most likely swap to CoH." get those dirty thoughts out of your head.

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zombiedevastartor - - 69 comments

helmet needs work

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tomarswego - - 3 comments

be an awesome person, finish this mod...plllleeeeaaaassssseeeeee

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