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Letting you all know where this project stands at the moment

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Hey all,

I decided to write this since I noticed a huge drop in activity on the forums and on the ModDB profile.

For the best part of a year and a half E! has developed Scud Storm single handedly, with little help for testing purposes from the few testers who participate. Bluntly I haven't put in a bit of effort into SCUD Storm since mid 2008, I have been bogged down with school work and a few other things, despite this I will be back to modding again after June. However this is about now, where a complete lack of developers is holding this project up. Upon playing SCUD Storm you can instantly see that the 3D aspect isn't exactly Crysis, on the contrary E!'s C++ abilities have kept SCUD Storm, well, fun.

We've put out messages like this before at the end of development updates/blogs but I felt this was necessary since this quite serious in terms of the future of SCUD Storm, which has been around since 2003.
So without further a due, we (Final Warriors Productions) needs for SCUD Storm, 3D artists, 2D artists (for textures, Photoshop work etc; as you can see we don't even have a proper logo) mappers and testers - all of these categories of any experience.

At the end of the day these mods don't grow out the ground, they require hard work and dedication, consistency and skill. Final Warriors Productions isn't a big group and is relatively new (2007), but the resources at anybody's disposal with us makes it well worthwhile to join the development team, learn something new, be part of something big.


GodofDarkness - - 548 comments

im glad to know this mod isn't dead :)

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AirborneSn1p3r - - 3,137 comments

i was sure it had died

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E! - - 112 comments

well we're allready so far that a native coder does 2d-stuff... and i would do anything to save this mod but as long as i have to do it on my own it will take an unspecified amount of time...

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Xyrom - - 241 comments

You might want to contact to BlueHell Productions for some help... I bet they'd help in any way the can... I would help but my time is taken up with school though if you want me to I can do a logo or some small things. PM me if you need anything...

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