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Junk E.T. has released a new alpha version, v0.13. This version features a new player model, new boss AIs, and tons of tweaks and fixes

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It's been a helluva week for Junk E.T. after getting back from RTX 2015, and what better way to celebrate than with the release of alpha v0.13!

All those who have an alpha key for the game can get the new version of the game by logging into the game's web site, and downloading the latest version. If you do not already have an alpha key, feel free to register an account on the web site to request a key. If you have any problems getting or using a key, please let us know right away!

The focus of this version was implementing some of the features we had on display at RTX, such as new music and sound, as well as the implementation of our brand new character model!

A full change log for the build follows. Please review at your leisure to learn more about the changes that are in Junk E.T. v0.13 alpha.

As a reminder if you have not done so already, we would really appreciate votes for Junk E.T. on Steam Greenlight.

As yet another reminder, as well, we posted lots of pictures of our experience at RTX 2015 on our Twitter page, so if you'd like to check them out be sure to follow us on Twitter.

As always, please post any feedback on our forum as we're eagerly awaiting to hear what you have to say about all the tweaks and improvements in v0.13!

Improvements and additions:

  • Replaced main character model, which was reworked from scratch.
  • Player stops moving when takes damage.
  • Added new music tracks and several sound effects.
  • Tweaked Thumper shooting AI, making the bullets larger and faster.
  • Added Xenapod-specific AI. (Work in progress.)
  • Improved crosshair accuracy.

Minor changes:

  • Added new doors images for Desert and Forest environments.
  • Increased Planet Teleporter collision box.
  • Improved Cave environment tileset.
  • Decreased player's movement speed but increased running speed.
  • Changed dimension of some mobs, generally making them larger, because large mobs are awesome!
  • Decreased gravitational force of some devices, like Gravity Devices and Wall Fan.
  • Slightly reduced light effect on special trash items.

Bug fixes:

  • Universe is now reset when a new game begins.
  • Fixed bug causing music to ignore the configuration volume.
  • Fixed bug causing door animations not to work in some cases.
  • Fixed Switch trap having inverted states.
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