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In this post I shall reveal the meaning of life....

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After this update I will only be doing updates once a month. The reason being is that I'm revealing way too much about stuff that should probably be left secret until you actually play the mod.

So the video I posted was a little disappointing for some of you, however the new, proper video will NOT be made until some other content has been released (I'm hoping for Dynamic Shaders 2.0 to be released as well as perhaps Misery 2 being released so Loner can do some particle work) before I do the next video. I want to show things off properly so I'd rather wait until I have more interesting stuff to show you as a lot of my content is half-finished.

In light of certain posts that have been made recently I want to make something clear: this is not strictly a weapons mod. If that's what you want look elsewhere as I have no interest in doing that. I want to do a whole bunch of stuff. I realize I spend the majority of my time discussing weapons, however that's just because I'm a firearms enthusiast.

I also seem to have an issue with certain people trying to dictate how my mod should be made. The key word on this is that it is MY mod, so if I get posts where I feel people are trying to tell me what I should/shouldn't work on I am simply going to delete your posts as I'm sick of reading it. That being said, I am not talking about constructive criticism, which is something I am always open to and I appreciate.

Oh damn, almost forgot a bulleted-list. Here you go:

  • Weapons I will confirm for 2.0: HK 416, Glock 35, AK5, Steyr Aug A1, Barret Rec7, Aek-919k, PP-2000, FN FAL, IMI Galil, HK G3A3, SKS, TRG-42, Ak-12, "Borz", Saiga 12, FN SCAR (probably L and H), AAC Honeybadger, Gsh-18, PP-19 Bizon, Vityaz, RPK, SR3-M, AKM, Ak-103, Toz-194, Aek-971, FN Minimi (M249), Mosin Nagant, Skorpion, UMP-45, M24. I realize a lot of these were already in v1.3 however the majority of these are now using new models and new animations. There are other weapons however I won't discuss them at this time for a few different reasons.
  • Mines. Proximity and remote detonated variants.
  • In the video I showed off a gibbing feature I used from GWR mod. I've already expanded on this so that you have to be within a very strict radius in order for gibbing to occur. However, one thing I would also like to do is under certain conditions (like a headshot from a sawn-off shotgun) I'd like to have decapitations. I'm pretty sure I can do this myself, but it requires honing my modeling skills a bit (as I'm still am amateur). If you think you could be helpful feel free to PM me, however I'm confident I'll figure it out.
  • There will be a v1.9. Like I have mentioned it is strictly for people who don't care about new maps, quests, and lore. There will be a few new quests, but that's it. It will be on vanilla maps, and some of the 2.0 content will be withheld so that people playing 1.9 will eventually have a reason to play 2.0. 2.0 relies on Bangalore's maps (I think the mod is called "Call of Chernobyl") and it will likely be a while, so until that mod is released the quests part of the mod will not begin. It may be a while.
  • I want to make anomalies and artifacts a bigger thing in this mod. I already made anomalies more dangerous in 1.3, but now I would like to do something different with them. I don't want to do dynamic anomalies (except maybe for a short period after a blowout to prevent rushing to anomalies to pick up artifacts), but I do have some new ideas for them. In terms of artifacts, I also have some new plans for them. They will not work the same as they currently do, but I'll detail that later.
  • The Zone will be very green and lush as that is how it is in real life (just because it's irradiated doesn't mean it's killing off all the vegetation as it's not true). I realize mods such as Misery portray otherwise, however the author(s) are simply aiming for a certain style and I'm sure they realize the Zone is not a dead area. This will not be optional, however I'm using Absolute Nature 3 Lite as a base so if you don't like it just pick a different option from that pack and use it.

That's it for now. Gimme all yo money.

Georg_Ravioli - - 588 comments

Could you use the AKM or some other new AK model to replace the vanilla models? Same with AR-15s and whatnot, it'd be nice to get rid of as many vanilla models as possible IMO, I hate seeing all these beautifully modeled additions and then have 70% of NPCs carrying vanilla weapons.

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Kocayine - - 274 comments

I prefer a green zone myself but I can understand the 'dead' zone too. I mean, in real life the Zone doesn't send out dangerous emissions either. So the Zone as it is in STALKER could as well be a place where all green life is killed.

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