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Infomation on the current still state of Evolution I, Plans for the future, Evolution II's final storyline, a little infomation on the Anshari and their horrific past.

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Good day people here is my July report. First of all I hope everyone had a great 4th of July. Next allow me to state a few basic facts on Evolution I.

Evolution I: The Campaign is finished, testing is done, all I need is the bug reports and to finish up a few things on Evolution I itself then release it. Expect a release sometime soon.

Evolution II's final storyline:

This is the storyline of Evolution II, I did not write this RepublicCommando did:
The cease-fire has been in effect for 10 years now, and the Andvari have made no overtly hostile moves. But recent events have proven that actual peace will be a long time coming.
The pirates have returned. We thought that the Andvari had wiped them out...but we were wrong.
The Turanic Clan leader, Musoki Khar is on the loose once again. He was slated for execution for crimes against Humanity and piracy when the Andvari attacked the Vega system. When they attacked the planet itself, he used to chaos to slip away so that he could continue his reign of terror.
He has quietly stockpiled ships and weapons; he has salvaged wrecks and repaired them, captured derelict vessels and also converted civilian vessels into warships.
We are still recovering from the Andvari attack.
We cannot handle this alone. The Security Council plans to go the Andvari to enlist their aid in crushing these barbarians once and for all.
The Andvari agree, but only in giving a small taskforce and by helping with moderate weapons improvements
The task force is not only helping the humans. It has a dual purpose. The Andvari want to send ships into the Crab Nebula. They've been detecting movement OTHER than pirates. They merely needed an excuse to check out the Nebula and this gives them the perfect opportunity.
The Anshari have returned...

Due note by the time this was written Evolution II's story line had tweaks. There are a little spoilers in here but not many.

The UTD Diomedes in the Sirius System

The Past of the Anshari:
The Anshari's past has been a unpleasent one. About 200 years before the founding of the United Terran Systems. The Anshari were at war with a faction they couldnt win in. The Andvari Empire swiftly destroyed the Anshari with intent to kill. In a last ditch chance to survive the Anshari fled to the Crab Nebula. From there you'll have to find out in Evolution II.

Heres one more little picture I wish to show you all:

To secure your sanity and safety. Do not steal God's Ipod!

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