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Some units that will not present in the normal battle. Initiation of Middle-east Asian defense force.

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Sorry for continuously post news, July, 6th update was fast post because lack of time.
If you read my new modes feature, and read Assistance mode. There are 5 vehicles, 1 infantry and 1 defense are tech units and will be player's own after captured tech buildings.
Here are 5 of those units.

Legend's Hellcat
Legend': Hellcat

Fastest versatile tank can carries 2 infantry to support firing from inside. Requires Tech airport.

Legend's Hunter
Legend: Hunter

Camouflage tank destroyer, he also has superior anti-tank guns that can shred fool's armor into splits. Requires Tech machine shop.

Legend's Hulk
Legend: Hulk

Camouflage artillery, think about mirage tank equipped with artillery, how fearful? Requires Tech outpost.

Legend's Sling
Legend: Sling

Stealth Anti-aircraft vehicle, he can surprise and tear some beetles that play something above his head easily, although he can't attack ground targets. Requires Tech power plant.

Legend's Horor
Legend: Horor

Incredibly heavy tank can kill any vehicles with only one shot. Requires Tech secret lab. [and secret units (Tank destroyer, desloator, terrorist,etc.) can't be build.]

What?? Their name has Legend front? What is legend?...

Soon you will know.



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Legend front -> legend Prefix heh

you make those voxels alone? you very talented.

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zenoniations Author

I made those voxel alone as I have been making this mod.

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Horor looks like ze Tiger (I'm just stating the obvious :P). They all look pretty incredible.

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