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Juiced! v1.1 Story, controls and gameplay explained

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Type: Platform game. Influenced by Commander Keen, Jazz Jackrabbit, Cosmo, Rayman, Mario.
Operating systems: PC, Android
Resolution: 320x240
Version: 1.1 (updated 20-10-2015)
File size: 25.2MB (.exe), 34.1MB (.apk)

(If you want the full story/experience, please start with the 'Prologue' level)

Some of you might recognize this game from 2008, when I was still working with Gamemaker 7 (Wow, long time ago). It was on the shelf for a few years, then I decided to rewrite it from scratch in GM:S and here's the result.

Arrow keys: Movement
Move down/up: Duck. Grab/drop item. Talk. Use vending machine. Climb.
Spacebar: Jump. Double jump. Activate hyper (Triple jump).
Shift: Use weapon. Throw item.
1,2,3,4: Use powerups
Enter, space: Navigate through dialog.
Ctrl: Change weapon.
Esc: Menu
Alt+Enter: Toggle full screen
Mouse: Use powerups. Change weapon.

D-pad: Movement
Move down/up: Duck. Grab/drop item. Talk. Use vending machine. Climb.
A: Jump. Double jump. Activate hyper (Triple jump). Navigate through dialog. Crawl right.
B: Use weapon. Throw item. Crawl left.
Menu button: Menu
Touchscreen: Use powerups. Change weapon.

Resources: All resources were made by me. I own all rights, please do not use without permission. Sprites/backgrounds: made using Graphics Gale and Adobe Photoshop Music/sounds: recorded or produced in Ableton Live and Audacity.

Story: Treasure hunter Tiko, after getting out of bussiness, obtains a rare map and sets out to retrieve three lost crystals. It soon appears he is not the only one looking for this treasure...

Goal: Reach the end of the level alive and defeat the boss. Collecting fruit fills up your juicemeter. A full meter grants you hyper mode. Collect coins to buy powerups and weapons.

Optional goals:
- Find three diamonds and enter the bonus stage
- Find the star for extra points
- Defeat all enemies
- Collect all fruit
- Collect all coins

Currenty there are four levels and a prologue, with approx. 2.5 hrs of playing time. Try to get a perfect score!
A Snow themed level is in progress.

Please let me now what you think. Bugs/glitches? Dialog: spelling/syntax errors? Anything to add/edit? Enjoy!

Known bug: Touchscreen on Android is sometimes unresponsive, although I think this is a hardware problem. Has anyone else experienced this problem?

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