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Showing off Mod DB's profile customization capabilities and a cool example of what can be accomplished using a bit of jQuery.

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As usual, Jim, this message will self-destruct in five seconds..
I wanted to take a few minutes today to thank our 260 watchers for following us simply out of curiosity. Your patience and support is greatly appreciated and will be rewarded very, very soon.

In the meantime, please turn your attention to yet another little surprise that sets our profile apart here on Mod DB: our dynamically updated Twitter feed.


Thanks to Mod DB's profile customization capabilities and a bit of jQuery, we can now display our tweets right here (you can look at the source of the page to see how), making it easier for you to track our progress. We'll be tweeting a bit more often now that we're getting close to announcing Overwatch to the public, so be sure to keep an eye on it.

I'm sure you were all hoping to find out what Overwatch is about, but don't let this (lack of) news post discourage you. Enjoy the new profile toy and, while this message won't self-destruct (or will it?), rest assured that the next news post that will bump this one off the front page will contain exactly what you've been waiting to hear.

Until next,

[MI]Stalk - - 218 comments

Sweet, now that's pwetty and smexy.

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Spooboy - - 2,028 comments

That's amazing, every mod needs something like this.
I'm not very knowledgeable in twitter, but are the tweets supposed to be so out of order?
I see them from 2 minutes/68 days ago. Anyways really cool.

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TheDaFox - - 43 comments

That is in order, they are just really spread out. ;)

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A1win - - 4 comments

The messages are looping. After it has displayed them from the first tweet to the last, it starts displaying them from the first one again. Just look at the posting time to not get confused.

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EricFong - - 1,585 comments

I am very looking forward to the update. :D

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Khalus - - 234 comments

Yes, keep torturing us with lack of news in a news post!

/goes insane


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Asd. - - 225 comments

God I love this profile

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zonbie - - 1,299 comments

"Pride goeth before a fall," Overwatch mod team. (Always remember the Proverbs.)

This has better not be a disappointment.

With that said...good luck!!

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