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This is an update on the game going through collectables and other stuff as well as explaining why there wasn't another update last week.

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Hey guys how's it been...Now I know what your probably thinking. Why wasn't there an update last week. Well the problem is plain as day. I'm pretty god damn lazy and trying to balence this project with my final year of school, helping my freinds, making of another game, tutoring and extracorricular activities...Lets just say I have to create some sort of organisation technique or something. Enough about my life though.

Okay, so what I managed to get done in the two weeks is most of the animations I need for Naruto. I found just a normal ninja online for an enemy test and I am currently designing the scripts. However, in this project I am quite the amatuear i must say and am in need of help. If anyone could help I will be extreamly greatful. I am designing the shadow clone jutsu technique first because I feel like I really need to master that as it is a big part of Naruto's justsu. I mean, in the anime, half the jutsu he learns are due to the shadow clone jutsu. The rasengan will follow after to be just a special attack. Looking at other naruto games in the past it i've decided to make the rasengan holdable lasting for 15 seconds or unless it hits something. Hopefully it all turns out alright in the end

The collectables in this sense will be made of armour, food and weapons/upgrades. The armour will not be shown on you but will, when equipt, upgrade your defense. The food is mainly for health or chakara control. You will be able to replenish your health and chakara with these items (e.g. food pills). Weapons/Upgrades will be in the form of scrolls and will activate a powerup for either eternity or a short while. They will mostly include kunai and other ninja weapons. You will also be able to acheive upgrades from Quests or your sensei. But more on that later.

I know it was short but the next one will show some real progress (I hope). Till next time

- Xaou


Well, I don't think I could help if what you need is modeling or scripting based :/ But yeah, you need help one way or the other if this is to have any chance of ever being more than a pipe dream <_>

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there will be character customization?

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