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New ZEscape gameplay video and signups for the closed alpha are online!

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I'm happy to announce that the signup for the ZEscape closed alpha is up!
Head over there now and get ready for some serious escaping!

There are no set dates yet for when the closed alpha tests will begin, but players who sign up will receive an email at a later time with information on dates/times and receive their steam key!

In this latest gameplay video (the first video posted since the greenlight trailer last year actually..)
we're playtesting a new and untested stage!

Its a pretty rough cut video but I wanted to show some of the gameplay, progress and what's been going on since ZEscape got greenlit. I'll be uploading more videos in the future and try to explain and go over more in depth on the game mechanics and features. Its been pretty busy with coding and debugging, heavy focus on designing levels, end stage bosses and preparing for closed alpha testing.

Im happy to hear any early feedback you might have so far, and I hope you'll sign up for the closed alpha.
All comments and feedback are important to me and helps out with the development a lot. <3

zescapevid thumbnail2Screen-grap from the new gameplay video.

zescape springmenu1New spring-theme main menu. Game menu now switches between day/night depending on system time!

As usuall, you can stay tuned with more frequent updates on Facebook and Twitter!

Have a MAD day!

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