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Ballads of Hongye is having a playtest scheduled to start on August 30 which will last for one week. Join now and make your impact on Hongye!

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Ballads of Hongye is a unique city builder with survival and roguelike elements. You must face the challenges to expand the land, secure economic prosperity through excellent planning and mitigate disasters with your advisers, build your city from randomly generated plans and unlock new talents. But as you play, you will meet characters with a dark past that will allow you to peek through the secret history of Hongye, and discover a web of lies and schemes that forced these lands to suffer. Can you be victorious against all odds, or will you perish just like others that came before you? Hongye is calling to you, Magistrate, will you answer?

Developing Ballads of Hongye for a year and a half so far and after several alpha tests in April and June as well as a playable demo during the Steam Next-fest, Ballads of Hongye team thrilled to invite you all to the last playtest before their release.

Here are some of the features you can experience in this test:

  • 4 districts/lands you can challenge.
  • Seamless open-world, while you move between each region
  • Disaster system featuring earthquakes, tornadoes, insect swarms, fires, crime and many more.
  • Adviser system. Advisers are here to assist you with your governance, but you have to take care of them.
  • Refugee system, where people swarm to your districts after experiencing as disaster survivors. Will you take care of them or turn a blind eye?
  • Talents, where you unlock and improve existing systems to attach unique attributes to existing buildings/mechanics.
  • New recreational buildings that allows you to design the city of your dreams.

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The form is still up :D

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