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Joe the Crow is Analog Digital's first production. It started in summer 2014. The Game is being released the first of January 2016. Joe the Crow is an easy to play, casual game. It has an intuetive gamplay with no explanation for first time players. Just one clear and simple game task: Collect points within a certain time. The game is targeted towards: casual gamers/ music lovers and chillers. The experience of the game is to flow around and collect points. It's great funn and addictive

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One of the main inspirations for the game is Sonic the Hedgehog with it's fast speed. Another inspiration is the simple but new format mobile gaming and touch screens. When it comes to the visual design. The idea was to create something modern but classical. So green bushes all the way. And asset painted in water colors. A giant sky and a rough crow. THe crow is a quite forgotan cool alnimal/bird. That's why Anloug Digital decided to create a cartoon character baced on the crow. Joe the Crow. It was a loong process to find the character. A tuff and entertaining character. The universe is very natural, Gemotric shapes and walls made of bushes. It's the Norwegian feeling to this cartoon character. No bling just green bushes all the way. To a big randomly changing sky. In Joe the crow you collect time with much time you can also get more points. It's simple and fun. The game is full of small games....

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