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Todays latest patch notes are available, expected to hit later today

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ADDED: Players can now load sandbox mode from main menu
ADDED: Forest trail - landscape modifications (Sandbox map)
ADDED: Timber planks world actor (Sandbox map)
ADDED: Large spiked wall is now a craftable structure
ADDED: Natural Twine is now a craftable resource
ADDED: Flashlight to sandbox map
ADDED: Compost prop (Not usable yet, coming in next update)
ADDED: Seed sack prop (Not usable yet, coming in next update)

FIXED: Item menu now auto hides when leaving the item button area
FIXED: Player briefly catching fire from falling damage following being hurt by a barrel
FIXED: Difficult Quadbike camera
FIXED: changed ragdoll stationary off notify and on to regular execution pin. Ensures ragdoll will not fail when player is stationary

UPDATED: Reduced zombie spawn count around quad spawn (Lockcrest map)
UPDATED: Removed crosshair being displayed when piloting the quad
UPDATED: Chocolate bar now gives correct vital recovery on use
UPDATED: Items recycling now available on Wood logs and sticks, (more to come)
UPDATED: Items recipes button now filters the crafting system menu, (more to come)
UPDATED: "Esc" and "P" open the pause menu, unless the inventory is open which closes it

PLANNED: [0.6.0] Fence splines that ignore projectiles
PLANNED: [0.6.0] Adding seeds for farming
PLANNED: [0.6.0] Adding compost for farming

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