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Todays latest patch notes are available, expected to hit later today

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patch0 3

FIXED: Crafting system not being able to craft bandages
FIXED: Not being able to pickup rocks/stones
FIXED: Inventory UI Tooltips overlapping
FIXED: Player no longer plays gun animation after picking up Sticks item
FIXED: Falling through world when dismounting quad
FIXED: Headshot particles no longer get stuck in the air
FIXED: Consumables sometimes not replenishing attributes
FIXED: Consumables sometimes not replenishing multiple attributes
FIXED: Flashlight on weapon not being removed on unequipped

ADDED: Action key description to action items i.e campfire / sleeping bag
ADDED: Action key description to vital display
ADDED: Rock/Stone pickup animation
ADDED: Nettle (Herb) for crafting & consumption
ADDED: Healing herbs for crafting
ADDED: Small stones to Loot tables
ADDED: Empty Tin Cans to Loot tables
ADDED: Natural Twine to Loot tables (Temp Icon)
ADDED: Wooden shelfing for crafting (Temp Icon)

UPDATED: Crafting time reduced on some items
UPDATED: Kindling is now craftable (used to light firepits / camp fires)
UPDATED: Derelict player base is now enterable
UPDATED: Campfires / Firepits are now usable by all players not restricted to owner
UPDATED: Player can now drop the Fireaxe
UPDATED: Adjustment to beach spawn location
UPDATED: AI logic for performance
UPDATED: Explosive barrels

REMOVED: Player sickness from poisoning (Mechanics needs more work)

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