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I have decided to hire some people to get the project in the right direction.

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I have been trying to work alone and...

I really don't think that I can take this on myself. Ok, so the levels I can do easily along with weapons models. I'm fine with the artistic side of things, but for this game to go big, it needs coders and someone to make characters.

It's no use hijacking codes from UDK and what came with it.

Before I hire people, I wonder if any of you have got suggestions on how many people I may need, I have ten weapons that need coding, a large task in itself, and multiplayer that needs setting up.

Then the characters need creating. I had a crack at it myself, but there's only so much you can do from Youtube tutorials.

I'd say two coders (or one very good one) and someone to design and create characters. To code characters, if that person could do that then that may also help.

And an audio engineer may be somehting to think about, altough I think it would be a bit pointless considering that they would only be able to make a few tracks of music.

Anyone interested can post below, skills in UDK and coding or character creation required. This will be most likely paid via royalties from the final profit, although whether the game will be free or for sale is still up for debate.

Coder recruitment advert
Character creation advert

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