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Jobchanger Brigade arrives on IndieDB and you can play it now! Hard boss fights with dynamic job change, with crafting and online co-op coming up!

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A new kid has arrived in the neighborhood,
dude's called Jobchanger Brigade!

Animated gifs

Want hard bosses? Want to craft a new sword using the monster's arm? Want to be a cool mage that shots triple fireballs who picks up the enemies sword and becomes a air combo-ing warrior? You can do all those things and much more, but first I have to add them to the game. Did I mention P2P online co-op?

Think I'm full of it? See what I already have done for preAlpha 2014/09/07:

Jobchanger Brigade preAlpha 14-09-07

feature list of release 2014/09/07:

  • Movement and jumping
  • Jobchanging by relic touching
  • Warrior and Wizard jobs
  • Ground and air style for Warrior
  • Ice and fire style for Wizard
  • Slime enemy
  • Orc boss fight
  • Procedurally generated landscape example

Next priorities:

  • Getting the current release to work with online multiplayer right away
  • Balancing the alpha a bit more, with extra lives for the hero
  • Tweaking Wizard's ice style
  • Changing the warrior's charged attack
  • Stamina system

Online co-op is functional but too rough right now, we'll see how much we can polish it for the next release!We're hoping to release new preAlphas weekly or biweekly, depending on how development goes. Setting up websites and social stuff ate up some time so we'll likely release a new preAlpha on September 21th. This isn't a promise though, haha.

I'm psyched! I'll do my best guys!

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The art style looks really good, keep it up guys.

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