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Jobchanger Brigade's new preAlpha is available free to play! Check out the change list and the video!

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Potions and evil warriors on Jobchanger Brigade!

VS Human foe

New human enemy, healing potions, particles, background details and some more stuff await you!

Check out what's new for version 2014-10-04 on the video below:

Jobchanger Brigade preAlpha 14-10-04

Feature list of release 2014/10/04:

  • Upgraded background
  • Grass / Smoke particles
  • Movement dust
  • Healing Items
  • Enemies drop items
  • More precise movement
  • Orc feels pain
  • New human enemy
  • Fixed orc attack interruption
Drinking a potion

Next priorities:

  • Make human foe better
  • Add new small orc
  • Start up on mission system

Online co-op is available to the public but animations and movement synchronization is a bit rough.

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it looks so cool !!

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Pidroh Author

Thank you!!

If you play the preAlpha, be sure to tell me what you think!

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Alright so i loved the art but the game itself it's also really cool, specially for a pre-alpha release. Here is some feedback :

Things i like :
- Graphics
- Dashing system
- Combo system

Things that need to be changed :

- more synchronized combo system : when i smash the attack buttons rapidly i feel like the character isn't responding to my actions but he just play an attack sequence over and over again, for example i can press X 3 times very fast and then watch the player do the combo while am pressing nothing during the animation time, that is a must-solve thing.

- *MENU!!* : Am a developer and i know that feeling when you get something done and you rush to share it with everyone, but please, make a menu, a simple "Play-Exit" and the same during the game that can be called through a pause button, i was excited for the multiplayer but couldn't get out from the game without dying or restarting the game, and then found that it's P2P xD

-The switch style thing, i get the idea and i can see that its working, however, it's not obvious, people who doesn't have deep experience in game development would tell you "this does nothing o_O !!" because the characters style and specially colors are almost the same, just change the color, make one very dark theme and the other a little pony lol

- Double jump, i know we can reach very high places using the dash, but sometimes i just wanted to make a simple double jump, i think you either add it or you let go of the platforming aspect of the game, orrr find a way to make your levels works perfectly with the dashing system.

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-Hold to jump higher : i like this feature, however, i don't like the fact that it's totally up to me to chose a height, for example, in Super meat boy, when slightly touch the jump button, Meat Boy will do a satisfying jump, while on your game we barely leave the ground, i suggest you add a minimum jump and then keep adding force while the player is pressing (for a limit of course)

I would also like to say that you should work more on the enemies AI, specially that green giant, but i think it's too early for that. Also there is a very important thing, Level design, technically your game works right, or at least from the programming perspective and that is already an achievement, but many players doesn't care about that, so if your game isn't fun to play no one will come back again, i can't give any advice on level design since this a field that am struggling with too, but i can say that the first level need some adjustment specially for platforming, try to make use of the Dash or something, not just throw some platforms and tell us to jump :p

That's all i got for now, i hope i helped ^^
Good luck :)

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Pidroh Author

Thank you for the feedback!!

- I'll tweak the combo system, I don't really want to allow the player to be able to do a combo faster, but I can see what you mean by the player attacking without you doing nothing. I guess I might stop storing so many buttons presses, so when you press X 3 times very fast it would attack 1 or 2 times at most.

EDIT: sorry, the message got cut off

- I guess I'll add an ESC to leave option for now, that should fix the need for the menu, I hope.

- I'll make the style change more obvious, haha, you're right, it's too subtle right now.

- Double jump should be ok to add.

- I'll see if I can play super meat boy to check out the jump height mechanic, but I guess I'll just put in a minimum height, which should be nice enough!

- Did you have trouble with the green giant? Or was there another reason you mentioned his AI?

- As far as level design goes, I do need to tweak the generator, but platforming is definitely not the focus of the game, it's just there to offer some exploration options, it should come together once I add more things to the game, like collectables

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