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Icons and information about the Water skill group of Jinx plus artwork of the Elemental Lord and his minions!

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Hello fellow IndieDBers!

The Water Skill group of our mysterious elementalist at your disposal as well as images of Lungdus the Elemental Lord and his minions!

So what is so enticing about this particular skill group?

The magic of Elemental Water grants access to a diverse collection of powers, much as the fluidity of water itself. Powerful waves can crush, strong currents can carry away, cleansing cascades can purify, and soothing streams can even heal. And while most Aquamancers have access to most of those effects, myhts speak of more impressive feats, such as the fabled fountains of youth, or even the waters of life, that can restore the recently departed to life - proper life, not undeath.

Uncharted Depths
Type: Active
Ranks: 1
Duration: 2 rounds
Cooldown: 4 rounds
Prerequisites: 5 points of Water Skills

The Tidetamer calls forth a surging tide from the oceanic depths, then promptly commands it to return. The sudden, violent whirlpool drags along those caught within it, banishing them to uncharted seas.

Purging Deluge
Type: Active
Ranks: 1
Duration: Instant
Cooldown: 5 rounds
Prerequisites: Cleansing Wave, 5 points of Water Skills

A large wave washes over both friends and foes curing any ailments the heroes may have while on the same time removes all beneficial effects from Jinx' opponents

Torrential Downpour
Type: Passive
Ranks: 1
Prerequisites: 8 points of Water Skills

A Tidetamer's command of elemental water is unmatched. Where simple effects call forth waves, his bring oceanic tides; where others summon streams, he summons massive rivers; where others call for rain, his call causes the skies to cry for days. No surface is left undrenched and even fish will eventually drown when he calls upon the Tides.

Cleansing Wave
Type: Active
Ranks: 1
Duration: Instant
Cooldown: 1 round
Prerequisites: None

The Aquamancer invokes the wrath of the Tide, directing a wave of clean, all-permeating water to his opponents, to rush them down and carry away all their impurities.

Chilling Mist
Type: Active
Ranks: 1
Duration: Instant
Cooldown: 3 rounds
Prerequisites: 1 point of Water Talents

At the Aquamancer's command the temperature drops and natural humidity condenses into a deep, blinding fog. Those caught withing can't help but shiver as their sweat solidifies and even their blood thikens, making every movement sluggish at best.

There are three quasi-divine beings in the Cosmos who are the rulers of the Elements known as Elemental Lords. Ethrenos the great Forger, elemental master of Earth and Fire, Lungdus of the Tide, elemental master of Water and a third unnamed master of Air.

Today we are very happy to present you with Lungdus of the Tide and his minions!

We really hope you like our skills! As always, your comments are more than welcome and help us improve our game! For more artwork, announcements and info follow us at facebook and youtube!

Till next time!


The Lungdus and minions look super cool :D

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JinxSoft Author

Thank you very much ! They are "cute" yet menacing :P

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