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A Point & Click in the purest old-school tradition. Help former gaming prodigy Jeff to save the Pixelverse from the Faceless Menace by backing it on FIG! Combine items in most inappropriate ways and solve lovingly-cooked, brain-busting puzzles!

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First of all thanks for your interest and love for that not-so-niche genre that is the Point & Click. Every soul coming on this page is a thorn in the side of those pesky sepia-toned FPSs that warp the malleable minds of our fragile offspring.

Jengo is currently on Backstage Pass on FIG, you may come right now and back it before the actual campaign begin!

Anyway, what's a Backstage Pass on FIG?

Good question! Basically, it means we're setting up shop, mounting the shelves, and - most of all - waiting for your feedback. It will help us to properly build and shape up this fine campaign for the big day! So if you have questions, remarks, please share them with us!

But that's not all, the Backstage Pass is also the occasion for you to nab an early bird reward! You might feel guilty for getting such a masterpiece on a bargain… but trust us, it's okay, we're cool like that.

Right now, what Jengo needs the most is for you to spread the love like sweet butter on a crunchy french toast. The future of Jengo – heck, the future of all gaming! - depends on it.

So please, talk about Jengo, tweet about Jengo, notify your friends, speak of Jengo to the cashier on the grocery store and slip papers with this campaign's url in the pages of your books when return them to the library.

Jengo M4A Jengo2

Well, you got the idea.

The fate of the Pixelverse depends on you!

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