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New single player difficulty, new background modes, new tile-drawing modes, a mouse aiming option, various netcode improvements, plenty of new options in the scripting language including direct access to mouse/keyboard input, and lots and lots of (sometimes obscure) bug fixes.

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The latest and greatest major Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Plus release! October 2013 brings with it lots of great improvements to JJ2, including the ability to aim bullets using the mouse cursor and change weapons with the mouse wheel; brand new textured background modes, with fifteen predrawn background textures that can be easily plugged into any level using any tileset; access to redefining object behaviors and HUD elements for script-writers; a modestly improved online spectator mode; a new harder-than-hard difficulty mode for single player games; and lots and lots more! Besides all that, JJ2+ now has two awesome, Plus-exclusive splash screens drawn by our awesome community members!

Jazz 2 Plus

This is also a great update for bug fixing, both in our own code and of so many long-standing native JJ2 bugs that we're pretty sure we fixed some bugs nobody had even ever known existed! Just as a sample, ammo pickups, bouncer bullets, and other objects are now better synced among clients online; buttstomping enemies doesn't remove your invincibility; falling off swinging platforms is now much less likely; fastfire and ammo pickups and blaster powerups are drawn using the correct sprite for whichever player is viewing them; muting other online players now successfully mutes messages sent using the "/me" command; and again, lots and lots more.


nice :D

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One of my all time favorite platformer is getting some love !!! I definitely want to re-install it !

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