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A bit delayed... I know... I know :P Todays latest patch notes 0.7.0 are available, and patch is now live on steam - #JoEGame #GameDev #indiegame #indiedev #UE4 #UnrealEngine

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FIXED: Run camera in First Person
FIXED: Default input settings wiping out keybindings
FIXED: Issue re-equiping in-hand weapon on "Save game" load

UPDATED: First person camera setup
UPDATED: Rebuild Static Lighting
UPDATED: Dirt disabled from coverall material
UPDATED: Dirt disabled on Amy skin material
UPDATED: Day/Night cycle to 40 mins (Sandbox)
UPDATED: Culling distances on world edge cliffs
UPDATED: Heartbeat SFX on damage pulse
UPDATED: Shelving loot actors in Power plant & Guard
UPDATED: Scissor lift controls and position

ADDED: Save system sandbox mode only (phase one)
~Save from in-game menu
~Load from main menu or in-game menu
~Save when using a sleeping bags
~Save on exit
~Saving enabled in sandbox (not Lockrest island yet)
~Player's position is saved
~Items stored in containers is saved
~Player inventory is saved
~Player buildings and placeable items are saved
~Quad location saved
ADDED: Load Game ability to main menu
ADDED: Save ability to sleeping bag
ADDED: Save ability to in game pause menu
ADDED: Load ability to in game pause menu
ADDED: First person focus system
ADDED: Weather system to Sandbox mode
ADDED: Particle Effects to water impact items
ADDED: New railtrack mesh to sandbox
ADDED: New rail tunnel to sandbox
ADDED: New resource rail cart
ADDED: Neck mesh to to decapitated zombies
ADDED: New blood effects to decapitated zombies (phase one)
ADDED: Wall Railings are now craftable & usable in building system
ADDED: Window frames are now craftable & usable in building system
ADDED: Half foundation ramps are now craftable & usable in building system
ADDED: Ability to remove building parts using the "Delete" key (Testing only)
ADDED: Gulls to Lockcrest map (Performance testing)
ADDED: Bandage world pickup

PATCH 0.7.1: Player skill levels not saved
PATCH 0.7.1: Saving while on the quad causes player to dismount
PATCH 0.7.1: Time of day not saved

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