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Abnormalities added, Adding Money, Special Employment, Mounting the Equipment, A detailed description of the Abnormality mood. Lobotomy Corp is a Monster Management Rogue-Lite Simulation game.

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0.Save initialization
- As the system changes, it will write a save file different from the existing one, so the progress to date is initialized.
- Sorry.

1. Abnormalities added

- T-04-50-W

- O-06-20-A

- O-01-15-H

2. Changed system
2.1 Adding Money

- A certain amount of money will be earn for each stage clearance.

- Money can be used to hire employees, customize hires, and conduct departmental research.

2.2 Employment

- Employees must be purchased through paid money, not automatically added new employees.

2.3 Special Employment

- You can hire an employee with the skin, work, and values set by the player at a higher cost than normal employee hiring.

2.4 Mounting the Equipment

- Employees will be able to pick and choose which weapon they currently have.

2.5 Departmental Research

- You will be able to carry out research that correspond to the departments currently open through money.

- Depending on the research, it has the effect of opening new weapons, increasing the quantity, improving the convenience function, and strengthening the staff.

2.6 A detailed description of the Abnormality mood

- You can play more strategically by expressing the degree of the annoyance on the isolation room in detail.

3. Problems not yet fixed
- The manual should be updated according to the system change, but the manual contents and image could not be created at present. We will make improvements through future updates.

- Some bugs have not been fixed yet.

- We will continue to improve. I'm sorry we can not edit it quickly

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