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Jake Gibbs: First evidence. This is the first document found about the first suspect in Doorways investigation.

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Jake Gibbs: First evidence


Nicely done, sir! Looking forward to see some more)

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From a realistic point, not so nicely done.
The spikes under the leg would puncture the femoral artery and the person would bleed out in under a minute, making the point of the chair useless.

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I would argue on that, femoral artery goes on the upper side of the leg so in this position and with that length of the spikes it's unlikely to be damaged, more over you don't know what this chair was built for. I mean it can be a tool for execution rather then torture. Anyway with such damages a man wouldn't live for long.

P.S. I don't think that developers really have practised torturing in order to find out how realistic it is))

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TobiasRusjan Author

Hi guys!

Actually it was used to interrogate people.

This is based on a torture device used hundreds of years ago and known as "The interrogation chair".

The idea was to make damage to the victim only if he/she moves.
But we change a bit the design, the spikes used to be smaller ;)

Thanks anyway for the feedback!

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