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This news piece covers the latest species development, my new job and a member of our teaming leaving...

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First up, i'll start with an update on Prominent Species Development.
(Also, image is related as a "farewell"!)

Neonni species is now up to date with the progress of the Ghul, that is, coming up with clothing/architecture/weapons design, and i've begun on the Itseseni.. which I found out is nothing like I expected it to be.
I was expecting some peace-loving mojo's of the north... When in fact, their tags are "Evil, Aggessive, Dislocatable Jaw". I thought the name "Itseseni" was a little too friendly-sounding, so i've changed them to "Itsek".
I've just finished up the ethics, which is to say the least, the easiest possible... everything is acceptable.

They can kill each other, eat each other, whatever. They're the most unruly civilization i've ever come up with, where there are basically no rules. Government type will probably come down to whom is strongest and can kick the other off the high chair... sort of like the Ghul, but with far less "Loyalty" going on, bound together into settlements under the common need.
The north is a dangerous and unforgiving frosty hell, and they need as much help as they can get.

Secondly, i've gotten a job! It's general labour, five days a week, 6.30am till 5pm (Leave and return, home). Now, i'm posting this, because I thought you peoples would like to hear about how this is going to be raking in £300 a week (About $500-$600). With that, I'll be able to buy a high-spec server in no time, ready for MyWorld's release!
As for time-consumption, i'll do work on MyWorld when I get back and the weekends - easy!

I'll end this news-update-piece with a lament that one of our team members has left, Wraith, our concept artist. He has left due to the requirement of time spent on his own game, which was a set condition before he starting helping out, that he would leave if it became too time-consuming.
So, good luck to him on his game...

...And now there is a slot open for any concept artists who are able to meet the standards he has set, or at least, can reach near it. Of their own style is understandable, but that level of detail is required.

CerriaWiki Page of the Day!

(I'll change the page at some point, to Itsek)


looks nice

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Azkanan Author

That job has ended by the way, before it began, basically.

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