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It's time to start the engine of a destructed sportscar. Information about the mod's progress. Click for more info.

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Model of Horror


Three years.

Three years passed since my last horrible mod. When I finished the RTCW Stupidity mod 1.0, I had to rest. I had a very painful headache from the sound editings. But now it's gone. I'm ready again.

Recent Changes:

Map objects - Banana torpedo Map objects and vehicles German soldier retextured

  1. Vehicle textures are completely changed.
  2. Smaller items (like telephone, books) and some of the furnitures & map objects are almost completely reworked.
  3. Character textures are completely replaced. However I'll make another run on them, I must re-rework them for more hillarious appearance.

That's all for now, I'll post screenshots and videos as often as I can.

If you interested in this crazy mod, follow/watch the mod's progress. :)




"....for LESS hillarious appearance."

a real shame you put in so much work for something so uggly to look at, why not put your skills to good use?

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pingvin66666 Author

Sometimes you need to mess up things to understand the mechanisms of chaos. This is an action-packed comedy mod. Replacing 1873 textures in 23 days is not a lot of work for me. :D

This mod helps me to transform my inner stupidity, hate, anger, stupidity, stupidity, rage, stupidity, hate, stupidity and other idiotic ideas of mine into a crazy parody.

But don't worry, I'm willing to create LESS painful things too. I have another project which is a serious one, but sometimes you have to take a break. :-)

P.S.: Wait until the sound modifications. >:D :D

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