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There will be a Version 1.3 which i'm planning bring back certain features from Version 1.1 that got removed in Version 1.2 due to the code being weird that time.

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Actually, the work on the Version 1.3 is going very slow, but certain things are already planned and more options to Configure Titans are coming.

The principal of the features which i'm planning in bring back from Version 1.1 was the Lite and Extreme modes that pre-configures the mutator to specific game types.

Another ones includes in disable the melee spam counter, make the possibility of Titans regenerate health if they stay out of combat for a while, make a hit sound when you hit a target, corpses staying more time on the map instead of instanly vanish from the map soon as it get out of player's sight.

Actually the menu is going to be updated too to have all features included on it since not everything configurable is present on the menu and can be set only by changing the variable directly on the ini of the mutator.

Until the release of Version 1.3, feel free to suggest anything you think it can be usefull to balance Titans over a match or enhance their experience on the gameplay.


Its nearing to be perfect but you should add these things:

Configurable sizes
Configurable health
Configurable speed
Configurable Demigod timer (or even remove time limit)

This above are mainly for Warfare, where size is not a big problem

Now on the smaller game modes:

Make titans to grow stronger as more they kill enemy
for example: 5 kills = regen 15= more DMG and Health etc...-

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Zanieon Author

Well those were one of my first ideas i had for the mutator, but i ended by not adding them since after looking at the code of how Titans is coded there and how Epic made the calculations to make the Titans animate properly with size and speed, i didn't included this idea, the only one of your list which is already present in the mutator but you probably didn't noticed is remove the timer from Behemoth or Demigod, in the menu is the option "Timer in Last Size".

For deathmatch, i don't see those options as a point of balance or enhance difficulty, but more to make them back to the point zero as standard Epic's Titan Mutator which is very OP in any gamemode without vehicles, regeneration however i included as i already said some days ago.

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