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Grab a couch and five friends, because Super Slam Dunk Touchdown is here to take local multiplayer gaming and punt a home run!

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Super Slam Dunk Touchdown!

Pick your team from Soccer, Hockey, American Football, Roller Derby, Basketball and Baseball players. Each type of player plays their own way, but they all play together, and everyone can slam dunk!

Retro Roots

SSDT is an all-sports mashup in the spirit of the irreverent classic 8 and 16 bit sports titles of yesteryear. It's a return the days when sports games were more about fun than realism, when social gaming meant hanging out with other people in the same room, and when you didn't need to learn 12 buttons to play a game.

Modern Technology

Powered by 3D physics, SSDT mixes crazy arcade action with the latest in Sports Science!Hockey pucks don't behave the same way on turf as bowling balls do on ice. Each player throws, kicks or hits the ball like they would in their own sport: American Football players toss spirals, hockey players make slap shots, and basketball players shoot for the hoop. The spin on the ball, the weight of the ball, the friction, bounciness and shape of the ball, as well as the surface you're playing on all make a difference.

Arcade Action

There's no rules in Super Slam Dunk Touchdown. Just get the ball into the net, hoop or past the uprights to score the most goal points! Use teamwork, strategy, and violence to get the advantage: Defend your ball carrier, fake out the goalie, tackle a streaker, pass, punt and punch your way to sports victory!

Now available!

Available now on Steam, Super Slam Dunk Touchdown supports 1-6 players locally. Game controllers are supported as well as keyboard and mouse controls. Steam Controller and Steam Streaming supported with X-Input enabled.

Now available on the Steam Store:

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