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It's been a while since my last update. But I have been hard at work sorting out some small bits that I missed.

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It's been a while since my last update. But I have been hard at work sorting out some small bits that I missed.
Such as the glow on the engineer turret for M.A.R.V. or the muzzle effects for the wolverines and even brushing up on the sonic shell explosions.
But I have also been researching on a new super weapon that I will be adding for Challenger-13. It will be an interesting task but I intend on giving them the Proton Collider from Red Alert 3. The Ion Cannon may be a fantastic weapon (which now leaves a temporary Ion Storm) but I feel the Proton Collider's rough, gritty, basic feel would suit Challenger-13 much better. Alongside the Wolverines and Titans.
Alongside that there is also a new addition to their arsenal. The Challenger-13 Argonaught takes the place of the Juggernaught. It looks similar (it's the CnC 4 model) but it fires sonic artillery shell rather than the standard shells and can also use snipers as spotters for extreme range bombardment.
Also the Battle Hardened upgrade has been changed to maintain the game balance. It no longer adds a Commando but instead adds a grenadier.

Also The Redeemer has joined the fray. The 4 factions epic units all have a unique twist

GDI's Mastadon - 3 buildable. Comes equipped with railguns and rocket turrets. Can be dispatched with C4 but are very powerful.

Nod's Cabal Core Defender - Has 4 sweeping laser weapons. Is devastatingly powerful and can despatch a base. Is vulnerable to air attack.

Challenger-13's Mammoth Armed Reclamation Vehicle (M.A.R.V.) - Comes pre-equipped with 2 rocket pods, a grenade cannon and an engineer turret. Slow moving but VERY powerful.

Forgotten Of Honete's Redeemer - Comes built with 2 flame turrets. Has access to the Rage Generator weapon. Benefits from the Purifying Flame upgrade.

It may seem like one Epic unit is more powerful than others but I have attempted to keep them all roughly equal. It's all about how you use them rather than how powerful they are.

Also the a special power for Nod has been added. Death's Whisper deploys 3 cyborg reapers anywhere on the map (that isn't shrouded) by means of a giant burrow pod. The Cyborg Reapers use laser weapons and can attack aircraft.


Thanks for the update!

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