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10 years after the original release, the reboot is here!

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I noticed earlier this year that this March 31st would be the 10th anniversary of the original mod's release.

I had to just finish what I had done and release the reboot.
I know some people may be a little disappointed in the final release, but after years of on and off working on this project, I need to move on. All that being said, I hope you guys can enjoy it for what it is :)

So without further ado, Portal: Unity Reboot is finally out!
Go check out the download now and tell me what you think!
Standard Version
Censored for YouTube Version

Thanks for sticking around after all these years <3

PS: if you're one of the people who has asked about remaking Portal Unity in some way shape or form yourself, now you have my blessing to do with this what you will (just please credit where appropriate)

PPS: At the same time the downloads go live, there will be a Developer Commentary video released on my YouTube channel! If you wanna see what was going through my head for a bunch of the mod, go check it out there!


Hello, nice I am willing to give this a check been waiting a while.

One thing, maybe we could have a steam release?

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