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read please. We are so far away, but we feel that we can do it.

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Thats Right, Smod tactical is coming back. We know that it seams strange to say that Smod is coming "back" even though the game is already made and out there. It just doesn't work. What we are trying to do is make it possible to play again, But the is a lot hard to do then just say, no isn't it.

Now to show you just what needs to be done, and what has been done, we leave you with the notes we have so far.


Fix Smod-tactical

Mod no longer starts.
Mod's maps no longer have a nod graph
Mod's maps no longer have the correct lighting in them to them
Mod's maps are no longer supported because of HDR
Game now starts correctly
Game now Loads save files with out crashing
Game now rebuilds Node graph with out crashing

We now leave you with a single question, upon loading up a map, it say node graph rebuilding, because the maps already have a node graph, should it do it now every time that map loads? if not we need to fix the list below.


1 PENDING: (fs) cc_urban_warfare.bsp done (need to fix light map)
2 PENDING: (fs) cs_cabaret.bsp done (need to fix light map)
3 PENDING: (fs) d1_eli_01.bsp done (need to fix light map)
4 PENDING: (fs) d1_town_05.bsp done (need to fix light map)
5 PENDING: (fs) d2_coast_01.bsp done (need to fix light map)
6 PENDING: (fs) d2_coast_03.bsp done (need to fix light map)
7 PENDING: (fs) d2_coast_04.bsp done (need to fix light map)
8 PENDING: (fs) d2_coast_05.bsp done (need to fix light map)
9 PENDING: (fs) d2_coast_07.bsp done (need to fix light map)
10 PENDING: (fs) d2_coast_09.bsp done (need to fix light map)
11 PENDING: (fs) d2_coast_11.bsp Check map
12 PENDING: (fs) d2_prison_01.bsp Check map
13 PENDING: (fs) d2_prison_02.bsp Check map
14 PENDING: (fs) d2_prison_03.bsp Check map
15 PENDING: (fs) d2_prison_05.bsp Check map
16 PENDING: (fs) d2_prison_06.bsp Check map
17 PENDING: (fs) d2_prison_07.bsp Check map
18 PENDING: (fs) dm_mine_enhanced.bsp Check map
19 PENDING: (fs) dm_motel.bsp Check map
20 PENDING: (fs) dwnndirty.bsp Check map
21 PENDING: (fs) rp_cscdesert.bsp Check map
22 PENDING: (fs) shooting_range.bsp Check map
23 PENDING: (fs) tactical_start.bsp Check map
24 PENDING: (fs) urban_warfare.bsp Check map
25 PENDING: (fs) background01.bsp Check map
26 PENDING: (fs) background02.bsp Check map
27 PENDING: (fs) background03.bsp Check map
28 PENDING: (fs) background04.bsp Check map
29 PENDING: (fs) background05.bsp Check map
30 PENDING: (fs) background06.bsp Check map
31 PENDING: (fs) background07.bsp Check map
32 PENDING: (fs) credits.bsp Check map (Do we really need to?)
33 PENDING: (fs) d1_canals_01.bsp Check map
34 PENDING: (fs) d1_canals_01a.bsp Check map
35 PENDING: (fs) d1_canals_02.bsp Check map
36 PENDING: (fs) d1_canals_03.bsp Check map
37 PENDING: (fs) d1_canals_05.bsp Check map
38 PENDING: (fs) d1_canals_06.bsp Check map
39 PENDING: (fs) d1_canals_07.bsp Check map
40 PENDING: (fs) d1_canals_08.bsp Check map
41 PENDING: (fs) d1_canals_09.bsp Check map
42 PENDING: (fs) d1_canals_10.bsp Check map
43 PENDING: (fs) d1_canals_11.bsp Check map
44 PENDING: (fs) d1_canals_12.bsp Check map
45 PENDING: (fs) d1_canals_13.bsp Check map
46 PENDING: (fs) d1_eli_02.bsp Check map
47 PENDING: (fs) d1_town_01.bsp Check map
48 PENDING: (fs) d1_town_01a.bsp Check map
49 PENDING: (fs) d1_town_02.bsp Check map
50 PENDING: (fs) d1_town_02a.bsp Check map
51 PENDING: (fs) d1_town_03.bsp Check map
52 PENDING: (fs) d1_town_04.bsp Check map
53 PENDING: (fs) d1_trainstation_01.bsp Check map
54 PENDING: (fs) d1_trainstation_02.bsp Check map
55 PENDING: (fs) d1_trainstation_03.bsp Check map
56 PENDING: (fs) d1_trainstation_04.bsp Check map
57 PENDING: (fs) d1_trainstation_05.bsp Check map
58 PENDING: (fs) d1_trainstation_06.bsp Check map
59 PENDING: (fs) d2_coast_08.bsp done (need to fix light map)
60 PENDING: (fs) d2_coast_10.bsp done (need to fix light map) [hl2.exe crash on gunship fight] {{{might be do to over load of screen shots}}}
61 PENDING: (fs) d2_coast_12.bsp Check map
62 PENDING: (fs) d2_prison_04.bsp Check map
63 PENDING: (fs) d2_prison_08.bsp Check map
64 PENDING: (fs) d3_breen_01.bsp Check map
65 PENDING: (fs) d3_c17_01.bsp Check map
66 PENDING: (fs) d3_c17_02.bsp Check map
67 PENDING: (fs) d3_c17_03.bsp Check map
68 PENDING: (fs) d3_c17_04.bsp Check map
69 PENDING: (fs) d3_c17_05.bsp Check map
70 PENDING: (fs) d3_c17_06a.bsp Check map
71 PENDING: (fs) d3_c17_06b.bsp Check map
72 PENDING: (fs) d3_c17_07.bsp Check map
73 PENDING: (fs) d3_c17_08.bsp Check map
74 PENDING: (fs) d3_c17_09.bsp Check map
75 PENDING: (fs) d3_c17_10a.bsp Check map
76 PENDING: (fs) d3_c17_10b.bsp Check map
77 PENDING: (fs) d3_c17_11.bsp Check map
78 PENDING: (fs) d3_c17_12.bsp Check map
79 PENDING: (fs) d3_c17_12b.bsp Check map
80 PENDING: (fs) d3_c17_13.bsp Check map
81 PENDING: (fs) d3_citadel_01.bsp Check map
82 PENDING: (fs) d3_citadel_02.bsp Check map
83 PENDING: (fs) d3_citadel_03.bsp Check map
84 PENDING: (fs) d3_citadel_04.bsp Check map
85 PENDING: (fs) d3_citadel_05.bsp Check map
86 PENDING: (fs) intro.bsp Check map
87 PENDING: (fs) dm_lockdown.bsp Check map
88 PENDING: (fs) dm_overwatch.bsp Check map
89 PENDING: (fs) dm_powerhouse.bsp Check map
90 PENDING: (fs) dm_resistance.bsp Check map
91 PENDING: (fs) dm_runoff.bsp Check map
92 PENDING: (fs) dm_steamlab.bsp Check map
93 PENDING: (fs) dm_underpass.bsp Check map
94 PENDING: (fs) cs_assault.bsp Check map
95 PENDING: (fs) cs_compound.bsp Check map
96 PENDING: (fs) cs_havana.bsp Check map
97 PENDING: (fs) cs_italy.bsp Check map
98 PENDING: (fs) cs_militia.bsp Check map
99 PENDING: (fs) cs_office.bsp Check map
100 PENDING: (fs) de_aztec.bsp Check map
101 PENDING: (fs) de_cbble.bsp Check map
102 PENDING: (fs) de_chateau.bsp Check map
103 PENDING: (fs) de_dust.bsp Check map
104 PENDING: (fs) de_dust2.bsp Check map
105 PENDING: (fs) de_inferno.bsp Check map
106 PENDING: (fs) de_nuke.bsp Check map
107 PENDING: (fs) de_piranesi.bsp Check map
108 PENDING: (fs) de_port.bsp Check map
109 PENDING: (fs) de_prodigy.bsp Check map
110 PENDING: (fs) de_tides.bsp Check map
111 PENDING: (fs) de_train.bsp Check map
112 PENDING: (fs) test_hardware.bsp (No idea what to do)
113 PENDING: (fs) test_speakers.bsp (no idea what to do)
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