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As promised in our first Devlog, our boss, Grimbart, has a lot more to tell! This time, he will give you insights into the many and colorful inhabitants of Nahucan.

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As promised in our first Devlog, our boss, Grimbart, has a lot more to tell!
This time, he will give you insights into the many and colorful inhabitants of Nahucan.

Therefore, grab a cup of coffee, or tea, lean back in your chair, or couch, and enjoy the many things, Grimbart will tell and show you:


When approaching the central forest of Nahucan, one may spot a few small huts and little campfires betwixt the trees. Once the colossal log walls are within sight, you know you've reached Chimali - one of the few bastions of sentient Nahu in this wilderness. Lead by chieftain Yuma, the villagers settled down here to pursue a more civilized life.

Ahui and Yuma

Two scholarly siblings with vastly different outlooks on life. While Yumas pursuit of knowledge turned him into a wise and responsible leader to his people, the more solitary Ahui prefers archeology and explosives instead. Naturally, this causes much bickering about the problems Chimali has to face, as Ahui made it a habit to disappear and sift through some ancient ruins in search for solutions. Despite this, they still care about each other and simply disagree on how to tackle big issues.
Ahuis endeavors provided her with plenty of cryptic clues about the elusive humanity, but her research begins to run dry until she unexpectedly meets her first actual specimen.

Craftsmen of Chimali

Chimali attracts all sorts of curious people, among them a strange robed figure called Cipactli the Merchant. He provides esoteric services like fortune-telling to the villagers, but some rumors say he also dabbles in magic involving Echoes; the physical embodiment of memories every living creature posesses. This may come in handy for Itorah, who seems to have a unique relationship with these crystals and draws her regenerative powers from them.

Nana and Tata are an inseperable pair who are well-versed in the kind of feathersmithing, a magic that imbues the fashionable feathers many people wear on their head with blessings of good health and stamina. Fortunately, Itorah wears some feathers of her own and may quickly become the favorite customer of this lovely lady and her blunt friend.
According to hearsay, this duo used to work at a mysterious forge within a volcano, until the safety regulations motivated them to resettle in Chimali.

Over the course of the game these individuals will provide Upgrades to Itorahs Health, Stamina and Healing Powers in exchange for Echo Shards and specific ingredients found in the world.

Villagers of Chimali

The rest of Chimalis villagers go about their daily lives; be it agriculture, foraging or guard duty. Not everyone can help Itorah out, but some of them may still provide directions or other bits of information.
Many of the character vocalizations have been provided by the developers themselves. Our lead programmer in particular may have awakened a slumbering talent when he recorded Cipactlis pleasant laughter!

...and there's more.

Chimali is not the only speck of civilization in Nahucan. There are other, more reclusive groups who rarely see visitors. As such, their hospitality should be called into question when Itorah stumbles into one of these territories...

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