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More and more, i'm thinking about it... What path should i choose?

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Working on Xmas was awesome.

Even now, having finished my game development course in college, i sleep at night and think about this mod that i created over the better part of a year, many years ago and smile.

It had everything a mod needs. Assets, a goal, a design document, a vision for how it should be played and damnit, it worked.

Now i'm at the point in my life where i have to look for a job in the gaming industry (not an easy task) and Xmas fits the build. But theres a catch.

Do i keep on working on Xmas for HL 1, which has already everything id need, or move onto the HL 2 engine and be able to create new and better looking assets?

Both has its pros and cons.

So im asking you, the modding community, what path should i choose.

Leave a comment and guide me through!



Oh god, it's been so long since i last saw this mod....

But i suggest you go to source :D

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move onto the hl2 engine

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