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First article explaining the basics of the mod and how it came to be

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This mod has been worked on for around a month or two now, there's still a lot of things to be done though I've made enough things to showcase for the first version

I aim to bring about more fun in the original Generals with all the new additions that will come to the table, while still retaining the feel of the vanilla game itself.

The mod's actually been existing for around 4 years now, it started as a personal project of mine to test and learn modding in the game, it got shelved around 2013, I've decided to revive it and rebuild it from the ground up and share it with everyone.

With recent assistance from Stalker (Operation:Firestorm) and n5p29 (NProject Mod) I've been able to get it going and more productive with allowed use of their assets.

Content for the first release is already mostly finalized and being worked on, other additions being reserved or saved for future release thereafter.

Don't worry, the place might be more interesting as time goes on :P


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