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Platform has been released! Check inside for a download link and more information!

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(ModDB mirror coming as soon as the file is approved)

Hi guys. I know this is pretty late, but I had to put this mod on pause for a while as I needed to focus on other things in my life, plus it didn't help that I ran into some problems with its development which took a long time to fix (mostly to find the fixes themselves). I didn't want to leave this unfinished though, so I've been working on polishing it up for a release lately - and here it is.

If there is interest, I will keep updating Platform. I've got a CTF mode nearly complete, as well as more maps, as my main plans for an initial update.

Platform features new gameplay and maps, though most of the models and textures are the stock HL2 ones - the actual amount of work on this mod has only been a few months' worth. I still hope you enjoy it, it's definitely been fun making it :)
Linux binaries will be uploaded tomorrow!

There are two official servers running all of the standard maps, and here are some community links:

Steam Group:


Sounds used: - #11

The guys at #hlcoders, the HLCoders mailing list and the Steam Forums for their continuous help

Testers & Ideas: antivenom, AtOmIc, Bombenstein, Cerber, CHMIDTH, dani_hl2, DeathKnight, Frohman, Kran4e, Kissthebullet, Masturborg, metodski, Nuhru, Polybius, Puhpuhan4o, rasty, razOr, Roshav^, Scorch, ServeMyself, SHERIFA, Shif, Slash, Stormbringer

Hosting: Profanwolf


This seems interesting, Downloading now. :D

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