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Core basic gameplay of a massively multiplayer puzzle game.

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Isle of Goo is an online multiplayer puzzle game. Players can link tiles to form chains. Some monsters can be recruited when you form longer chains. Recruited monsters can aid you in future expeditions.

The Story

The player takes the role of a fledgling cryptozoologist, exploring the mysterious Isle of Goo, where unusually gelatinous yet colorful creatures are said to exist. These creatures are fully comprised of a relatively unknown substance called Goo. Many other cryptids in the island are attracted to the Goo, and prey on these creatures in order to feed on the Goo. You plan an expedition to use the Goo to lure out these elusive cryptids and discover all the secrets that inhabit the Isle of Goo.

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Whenever you go on an expedition, you need to lure out cryptids in order to capture and catalog them. And the only way to do that is to attract them with lots of lots of Goo.

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Cryptids love Goo. Matching 3 blobs of the same color on the board yields 1 Goo bottle of the given color. Longer chains yield more Goo. Rare and Legendary cryptids need a large amount of Goo in order for them to appear on the board.


The organization "G.O.O.P." will offer you money whenever you discover new species, which you can use to go on to more dangerous expeditions, buy equipment, or upgrade your team.

Building Your Team

Some monsters are special. You can train them to become your Beast Assistants, who can aid you in your expeditions by unlocking special skills. Rare and Legendary Beast Assistants are especially hard to acquire, so consider yourself lucky if you can even get one.

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Raids & Online PvP

In the future, you can compete with fellow Cryptozoologists by raiding each others' camps. You can earn extra coins, monsters and unlock special rewards for being very competitive. We are still fleshing out the game design, but this feature is intended for less casual players who wants a more competitive experience.

Release Date

At the moment, this game is currently being developed by two members. We do not have a release date yet, but we plan on getting an early prototype before 2015 is over. If you would like to support us, please follow us on Facebook or message me on Twitter.

Facebook Link: AdventureCatGames

Twitter Link: _AdventureCat_

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