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Take a look at the entirety of Isengard weaponry fully prepared!

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Isengard weaponry

The White Hand army is a very intimidating force led by the cunning wizard. Each warrior and hero wields his own unique weapon and wears a distinctive helmet, so we took many measures in order to complete Isengard weaponry in its entirety. Watch the video bellow to see the weaponry of all units, heroes and even siege devices.

Uruk-hai swordsmen and pikemen have similar helmets, yet the difference is significant. Crossbowmen and uruk carriers wear same helmets designed to cover their heads and necks from arrows or explosion debris. Uruk banner carriers wear helmets similar to berserkers' ones, the difference is in having a long crest above it with two plates on the two sides of the helm.


Comparing uruk-hai and warg riders it's easy to notice how lightly armored are the latter. Behind it is a good reason - these orcs are not as tough as uruk-hai, so wearing heavy armor would be taxing for them, however it's worth saying that despite them being vulnerable they excel at ambusing enemy and raiding hostile settlements. Riders of Isengard fight with swords and are clothed in leather armor decorated with warg claws.

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Isengard has a wide range of siege weaponry. Rams are capable of bringing down enemy buildings quickly while ballistae are capable of destroying buildings and units alike from considerable distances. A single explosive mine can lay waste to an entire army or a camp if detonated at the right time with a berserker torch, flaming arrows or even by Saruman's fireball. Siege ladders can be deployed to let uruk-hai climb the walls of a besieged fortress.


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BFME: Reforged Team


Hello, dear friends! your work is truly amazing, well done, my friends!

Just a quick answer:

Saruman's staff may glow while casting a spell, and if posible, an active ability with a high cooldown that resembles SarumanĀ“s shaolin monk-Berserker performance at the battle of dolguldur, doing serious damage to opponents. It could be a lvl 10 ability, this can be an unique feature!

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I agree, but don't think it should glow otherwise.

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