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The time has come for the community to witness the work over Isengard buildings!

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Isengard buildings in BFME: Reforged

Isengard is a war machine commanded by the White Wizard from his tower of Orthanc. Unlike Mordor Isengard relies on efficiency rather than numbers, so most of the buildings are quite primitive in their appearance, however it does not rob them any of their great functionality and productivity.

Both 3d artists and concept artists did a wonderful job to ensure the buildings of the first faction to be complete would be fantastic. Some buildings are fully made, some are still in the process of making as only the best designs are to be accepted into the game.

Now, behold the mighty fortress of Isengard!

The fortress design was taken from Orthanc tower itself. The fortress is initially made of stone and iron, however as Isengard grows in might it can improve the fortress using its resources to make the it even more resilient to damage with the Obsidian Defence upgrade. With that done the Wizard Tower can be constructed to empower the defenders even more. This marvellous fortress took considerable time to make, however the result seems to be easily worth all the time spent on it.

Some buildings have already made it to Youtube to be showcased, some are still in development. You may watch our all recent and upcoming videos there!

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With love,

BFME: Reforged Team


Amazing, that is how a true reforge should be!

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The Isengard fortress now looks mighty! A good rival to Barad-dur!

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That's a nice fortress you have there. Would be a shame if an Ent would discover it :D

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jfpoliveira12 Online

-This message is endorsed by the Mirkwood Gang.

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Now this **** is amazing.

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