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Isengard in BFME: Reforged

"The world is changing. Who now has the strength to stand against the armies of Isengard and Mordor? To stand against the might of Sauron and Saruman and the union of the two towers? Together, my Lord Sauron, we shall rule this Middle-Earth. The old world will burn in the fires of industry. The forests will fall. A new order will rise. We will drive the machinery of war with the sword and the spear and the iron fist of the Orc. We have only to remove those who oppose us." - Saruman The White

We are happy to announce that the first faction to appear in BFME: Reforged is going to be Isengard! It was not chosen randomly, this faction, perhaps, is the most apparent, having a clear spellbook (with the exception of some spells) and obvious unit and heroes roster. The work is already in progress and, fortunately for us all, much is already done. Have a look upon the first teasing video about Isengard:

Of course the faction will be heavily based on what we can find in BFME series which means very well-known number of units, buildings, heroes and spells, though it surely does not mean that everything will come out unchanged.

Ladies and gentlemen, we present you the fighting uruk-hai!


We are remaking all models, animations and texture at the moment, while our coders are working as hard as they can. You can expect visual changes with an obvious film style bias. While it may feel simple when we talk about units or heroes, that's a different story when it comes to buildings. We can't say we felt unsatisfied with the designs of Isengard's buildings in BFME, but all buildings must be remade anew, so some flaws are being improved by our talented concept artists who have created a number of different versions of them:


These are just the examples of what you can expect to see soon. A warg sentry and an uruk put. However, concept art is not the only product of or work, our artists are also remaking icons and making them adjustable for any screen. Most of them won't make any real difference in general appearance and all should be recognizable.


Recently we asked people for their thoughts regarding the changes in the spellbook of Isengard. The problem was that there was the Watcher and the Dragon who were not connected with Isengard in common sense. This is why these spells will be replaced by new and very unique ones. Some of you may find your ideas implemented into the game!

The list of changes is not over yet, because Team BFME: Reforged was lucky to have two gifted composers who will help to breathe life into the game and add new musical themes for each faction and respective situations like engaging in a battle or retreat. You can hear one in the video above.


Almost everyone becomes intrigued when it comes to the beta-version which will be released, we hope, in less than a year from now. Currently most of the time and effort is spent on it's development. We still have a lot of work to do but we hope to get it done in time and release the beta-version in the beginning of 2019, and there will be something special for donators, to whom we are very grateful. We plan to run a presentation in early pre-beta test this December.

After Isengard the Elves are expected to come out, all in shining glory, being a sight for eyes. Our teaser was merely a draft and the final one is going to be so much cooler!

You can always visit out YouTube channel and the Website.

BFME: Reforged Team

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Vanders - - 560 comments

Sounds brilliant. It seems like you plan to make subtle changes design-wise, which I think is the best way to go, rather than complete redesigns.

I just want my Uruk swordsmen and Uruk pikemen to have their shields!

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ThеDarkOne - - 127 comments

I see uruk swordsmen having their shields ;)

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it all looks very good. Keep it up guys.
I will definitely play your mod when it comes out

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officialNecro - - 1,389 comments

Exciting stuff

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