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Unfortunately here we are, 4 years later, at the starting point.

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Fellow stalkers,

First, I apologise with every one of you for not have given a sign of activity here on ModDB for the past year and a half.

For such a long time haven't I worked on this project, and the reasons are a lot, and vary from situation to situation.

The last year has been very complicated for me, both in develping and in real life.

I will be honest: from a small project of mine that I started more than 4 years ago, when I was long from being of age, I really enjoyed entering in this new world that was the modding, but I recognize that my abilities just doesn't meet the level I thought I could reach for releasing a vision that I had on my mind.

Plus, lots of features that I originally conceived to be inserted into my mod have been already implemented by other mods, and as I saw, more optimized both in terms of resources and gameplay.

Some years ago, I wouldn't accept this, but I must quote Matthew Swartz, developer of "Radium", that cooperation is what really a community bases on, not only attract a number of players' interest in a mod project like it was a product.

This chapter of modding life is closed for me.

This, unfortunately for you (:D) doesn't mean I'm off!

I will keep lurking on ModDB, as I have always done in this last year and a half, and maybe release something as addon in bigger projects (spoiler: I'm working on a small addon for CoC), and if any of you, experienced or wannabe modders, have a question for me, feel free to PM me at anytime, I'll be really happy to help you as long as my knowledge pushes me forward.

Best wishes out there in the Zone,



Damn, this project had great features which none of the other mods have provided, like mag clank sound.

Wish you a great journey in your life man!

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Gazprom Author

Don't worry, I think that you'll see them somewhere in sometime!
Well, there have been nice and bad times, but now everything is set for going on!

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