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Well it's been quite a while since I've made a feature update...and I'm sorry. Everythings been busier than ever for me, and I appreciate your patience. I'm sure you all know what "life" is like, and I'm sure you all know it's not all that fun sometimes. Anyway,

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Well it's been quite a while since I've made a feature update...and I'm sorry. Everythings been busier than ever for me, and I appreciate your patience. I'm sure you all know what "life" is like, and I'm sure you all know it's not all that fun sometimes. Anyway, so I decided to take a day off of class to finish reading parts 3-5 in Crime and Punishment, as well as getting ModDB work done! In the past two weeks we've had quite a collection of articles. I will now present them in a more...shall we say organized manner?

Call of Duty 2 Review

Call of Duty 2 Review

Theres something really wrong with us here at ModDB. Jackson, as you can see below wrote a late night article on Lost Coast. Well I just managed to finish my own article as well. I took the liberty in reviewing the recently released Call of Duty 2 during my troubles of sleeping. No i'm not exactly an insomniac (maybe i am?), but like I said earlier, life's rough! I got class in less than 2 hours...argh.... Just a little side note btw, I didn't exactly get to finish reading, but I did get through Part 3!

The game play stays true to its predecessor. Call of Duty 2 allows you to vision through three different soldiers from the Russian, British, and American forces. You’re capable of carrying two weapons as well as some frag and smoke grenades. Cover is a necessary strategy and sometimes should be thought twice about. Although I did find a lot of parts where I could just run in a room a shoot everyone at once, leaving some repetition and boredom. The A.I is one of the few things that disappoint me in this game, but hopefully it will be improved in patches. I found that many times my comrades were blocking my way from going up or down stairs. Sometimes the German troops didn’t even recognize me as an enemy and stood still until I shot them two feet away.

Lost Coast Review

Lost Coast Review is Here!

The much anticipated HL2: Lost Coast is now available via Steam to all HL2 owners. Lost Coast is a showcase of the HDR lighting in Source, and well worth looking at. And with it comes possibly the fastest, earliest in the morning review ever, churned out by me at 2:45am.

Well, you're nearly there. Lost Coast is nothing more than a technology demo for the Source engine's HDR (High Dynamic Range) lighting. Yes, it's a new location with new characters, but as gameplay goes don't expect miracles. A well-honed player could finish it in 5 minutes, with a physics puzzle posing the biggest obstacle. As the HDR technology goes it's extremely impressive, but don't just take my word for it.

Indie Games

Indie Modding

This article goes indepth inside the modding of independent games. It's good a read to understanding what indie games are as well as it's structure.

Making a traditional, full-fat mod is not a one man task. Simply juggling coding, modelling, mapping, texturing, advertising, webmastering and the gameplay design itself is nigh on impossible; and even if you do manage it, there is the none-too-small problem of being talented enough in each area to reach a reasonable level of quality. If you want to go it alone, you are best to focus on one or two aspects and dump the rest, or else have an incredible breadth of knowledge and plenty of patience.

Ragdoll Kungfu

Ragdoll Kungfu Review

By: Joe
Was Ragdoll Kungfu really worth it? Was it really? I haven't gotten a chance to pick it up, but according to our friendly writer Joe, it isn't quite as good as i'm sure a lot of us hoped it to be.

Of course, this dynamic is only good for you, the consumers, if the product is actually worth something. And based on that easy dynamic, I can safely say that if a friend should buy you Rag Doll Kung Fu as an act of kindness; feel free to bash his teeth in with a lead pipe wrapped in barb wire, because this fish seriously needs to be thrown back.


F.E.A.R. Review

By: Joe
F.E.A.R has been getting a lot of attention lately, and there is no doubt that it deserves it. I've been playing the game myself, and it's finally a monolith game I truely enjoy. However, I do wish there was more of a horror aspect to it.

Hitting the finish line just behind Serious Sam 2 and alongside Quake 4, F.E.A.R. has hit the market like a home run slam, blasting past its established series' brethren as something truly new and unique in the stagnant market the gaming industry finds itself in. Make no mistake, F.E.A.R. is easily the best first person shooter to come out this year, and is a good contender for one of the best games period.


Paranoia Interview

By: Koroshiya_Ichi
It's always nice to see some mods still coming out for games such as Half-Life. We get a little taste of whats yet to come in this military based mod.

For those who aren't aware, can you please give us some details on the story of Paranoia?

We will be playing the role of the russian officer of the special forces. The group of the terrorists has attacked russian military base. We arrive to the restricted military area for eliminating of the terrorists and protection of the working personnel. You consider this mission will be usual work and do not suspect that the future events become a real nightmare...

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