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What this mod is, and what it isn't, 6 years later.

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This mod was a great personal experience for myself and those closely involved with the development. Most of the content still exists, and If I find myself with some creative time, I might dabble in it again.

Q&A time:

  • Is this mod dead?

Not completely/ SortOf , it is in deep Cryo floating somewhere between Halo Combat Evolved and Battlefield 4. An unknown materialized called 'College' that sucked up all of my creative free time. Begin year 5.

  • Is there some working content you can give us to let us share in the fun?

There was at some point a working edition of the BF2 version of the mod. If I find the build, I will post if for download here. Please don't hold your breath because remember, its in cryo, and you could very well loose in that contest.

  • What was the most recent state of the mod?

Two working levels (WIPs)
1. POA, 1000yd hallway modeled off of the pillar of autum's structure with the bridge at one end and the engine room at the other. Some props were imported too.
2. Cote' D Azur, As seen in concepts here. Loading Screen and music, ocean front, mini-map, and about 20 buildings in game and working. Warthog with no wheels that could fly... and the most AWESOME coveanant carrier floating above the city, BF2 engine handled the scale of the thing MUCH better than expected with no multiplayer trials though.

MA5B working with correct ammo and animations. Quite Cool.
Jackhammer rocket. Problems included facing backwards, and disposing of the whole unit before firing second shot. Still cool.
Warthog, if it didnt explode on entry, it could fly. But it had no wheels.
Pelican. Static object only.

Again, if I find that build, I am just as interested to see it as you guys. Ill try and keep you updated at least quarterly from this point out to keep this mod from being "Dead" as they say.

Oh, and the Masterchief is new-ish. It would be cool to see him in-game


Glad to hear there is some activity, since I discovered this mod it has been on my list to watch, It hold potential! Remember that!

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It holds* damn typos.

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