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Am i a joke to you? Because it's a wonderful opportunity for one.

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Ahh, what a wonderful year, the world is falling a part. Such a great opportunity for a joke. Well... I was thinking about making another one of those Corona-chan jokes, but personally, i'm sick of them. Cough... cough...



In last year i came to the realization that some of you keep underappreciating the wonderful technological wonders of Essential Tech, and keep mistaking them for kitchen appliances. Or diners. Or something else related to food. Personally, i thought you were just hungry.

But, apparently, it only means there is a demand for such products, and someone noticed that, willing to satisfy it. And thus, i have no other choice but present you what you've been all waiting for (but you didn't know you were waiting for). The satisfaction of your deepest wishes and desires. The truth untold.


The Essence Pancake

sml 202004 lol1

It also appears that Paladins didn't want to let this day go without giving anything of their own either, so they bring a fitting gift of their own. And after a nice, filling, warm pancake, what's better for dessert than some...

The Paladin Ice Cream

sml 202004 lol2

Unfortunately, Vintarids didn't give anything. Such a-holes. :(

But that's for the better i guess. Wouldn't want them to serve bat soup, would we?


I would like alien green goo on my pancakes

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Does the pancake bunker open up and launch tactical ICMS(Inter Continental
Maple Syrup)?

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mevitar Author

That functionality was sadly not included. However, i heard that if you pour more maple syrup on it, Canada will come and claim it for their Strategic Maple Syrup Reserves.

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