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Some thoughts about my first multiplayer game and where to go from here.

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I'm a bit unsure…

I started working on a 2D top-down shooter game with Battle Royale elements but much simpler: Free for all, starting out with nothing and then pick up weapons and other power-ups along the way and there is a slow closing border that limits your game area.

I thought it will be challenging if the player will always move, and mobile-friendly, and you can change the direction and make some action like shooting and if you have no weapon so do some sort of boost that will act as a weapon.

My challenge was to make a multiplayer game, which is difficult by itself, and now I got it working smoothly, and the question now is how and if to continue.

Currently, I'm using some free sprites I found that are just placeholders and I wonder if I should continue and hire an artist to design the game.
It's hard to know if it's good enough to continue working on that or do I need to look for another idea.

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