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Great news, The Irken Empire now has all of it's placeholder Icons but we need more team members to continue in some areas.

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In the most recent development for the mod I have added all of the Irken Empire's placeholder icons that will stay until we get official models and art for each of the ships, infantry and other units.

If we had more available concepts for Resisty ships besides the original vort ship seen in the show, I would work on the Resisty and the same goes for whom is going to replace the Zann Consortium.

At the moment what is on my mind, is attempting to work on the voice lines and music more so. The problem at the moment is learning how to code my new voice files into the game, if anyone can assist on this front it would be excellent.

To the second point, at the moment our development team is quite small only consisting of three people and we are without a modeller and other important parts for the mod team.

If you are a modeller or know some about how to code for Empire at war, it would be a big help if you would private message me if you are interested on discord or here would be fine.

Thanks - NitroTech, Head of The mod team behind Operation Impending Doom II

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