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Iridescence V1.5 has been in development for a little bit, and I think it's time to talk about some more plans.

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Iridescence V1.4.5 *FIX UPDATE*

Hello reader! If you've read the summary above, you already know that this is about Iridescence V1.5, and it's plans.

Let's begin with the plans for V1.5.

For one thing, there's already been changes to some audio. The gate opening and closing sounds have been changed to sound MUCH better. This is only the beginning to some of the audio changes, and I'm hoping to improve the game significantly.

Another thing I've changed is the level layout for Purgatory. It looks MUCH better now, and it's been slightly improved in terms of lag. I redesigned the gates and other structures in Purgatory to look better, and I've shortened the forest down by half. These changes were made because it's the first level the player plays, and it'd be nice to give them a bit of an introduction to the game.

I've also removed ALL of the shades in the level, and I'm planning for an overhaul in V1.6 to fix the AI problems. The only enemy left is the Purgatory Guardian, which is being fixed up at the moment to work well with the locked gate at the end of the level. More enemy types and improvements are being done.

There's also the changes to the level order. I've removed the Crimson Woods from the game for now, because I feel that it doesn't fit in too well. Now Purgatory leads straight to the hub, giving the player more choices early on.

I feel that I should move on and discuss the future plans for V1.6 and on.

I'm hoping to add some voice acting to the game. I feel that the protagonist should be silent, because it allows the player to project onto them, and decide their motives. The main antagonist's voice will be added around V1.6, so you'll get to hear his noice deep voice. I'll be doing voices for some secret characters.

There's also going to be some better structure for the game, including some secret puzzles to unlock super secret levels. It's not going to be developed until we reach V1.7, so please hold on until then.

There'll be more levels, secret weapons, better enemies, an actual in game story-line running parallel to game play, and maybe even some super easter eggs?

I thank you all for your support. It's what's keeping me going!

Here's some screenshots of V1.5:

Iridescence V1.5 ScreenShot

Iridescence V1.5 Gate changed!

Iridescence Screenshots

The last screenshot's from an older update, but it's still like this.

Thank you all for reading!
It's been quite a ride!

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