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Iridescence 1.5 is currently in development, and while that's going on, I'm going to talk about the future of the game, and what's been going on.

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Hello viewers! Thank you for taking the time to look at my first developer's log!
Today, I'm going to talk about the future of iridescence, and what's happening right now.
Here we go!

As you may or may not know, Iridescence started out as an atmospheric test (Referred to as a tech demo to some...) with no ambition to make it anywhere. After ModDB gave it overwhelmingly good feedback on the primitive 1.0 version, I decided to expand the game further. So far, we're at 1.4.5 and going strong! Now then, let's move onto the future plans.

Iridescence has plans for voice acting, more maps, better AI, improved atmosphere and mechanic use, and even some more work on custom puzzles!

At the moment, 1.5 plans to add 5 more levels, and even some more enemies! I'm planning on reworking the shade's combat patterns in 1.6, so hold your horses on enemy AI changes until then.

On the subject of 1.5's changes, I'm doing some reworking on the first level, Purgatory. I added in a min-boss that has to be killed before you can continue, and some other changes to the general structure.

I know that one HORRIFIC problem is the lag, and I'm incredibly sorry that can't be fixed right off the bat. Those issues lie within the engine's internal structure, and revolves around things that only the engine developers can fix.

There are many things being reworked overall, and I'm glad that my game managed to crawl into the top 150 most popular games title at one point! I hope that this stands as an example to go through with even the craziest ideas! Anyhow, for new viewers, I have some old screenshots below for you so that you can get an idea of how the game looks.

Just very quickly: The game engine's bugging out a bit, so development will be slow until it's fixed... Sorry!

Iridescence V1.4 Hub Picture
ABOVE: A picture of the hub, which will be finished in 1.5

Iridescence Screenshots
ABOVE: A personal favorite of mine; a screenshot of the final area of the first Purgatory level.

Iridescence Screenshots
ABOVE: An old screenshot of the forest in V1.1. It's okay, I guess.

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