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Delays, delays. Harvest is being pushed back due to the effects of hurricane Irene, which knocked out my power on Saturday (last I checked, it's still out - I'm posting this from one of my university's public terminals). I'm also just beginning a move cross-state, so won't likely be able to continue work until Saturday at the earliest. Whether this means that Prologue: Part II will be delayed (it's due in about three weeks) or not remains to be seen.

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Most of the info is in the summary, but additional details:

I'm fine. No damage to my old house or the new one I'm moving into. The new one still has power (it hardly got touched). The old one got hit pretty hard, but fortunately nothing was broken apart from the power lines (in several places in the neighborhood, and dozens more across town). The PC on which I have Harvest loaded is currently disassembled in the garage of the new house, while I move the rest of my things over the next few days.

Prologue Part II is still scheduled for its original release date, but I may end up having to make it shorter in order to meet that deadline (it should still be longer than Part I however, with a lot more plot development).

Oh, and thanks to Wikipedia for the preview image. This PC (actually it's a Mac) has no images on it that are large enough, so I had to scrounge one. University terminals are pretty spartan.

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health above all, that's what they say... :)

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