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We'd like to thank our many fans for voting us into top-100 and would love it if they could find a way to get us into top-10. We've been working extra hard at merging code since the special announcement from Epic Games, but did not have enough time to submit something.

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Hello Stealth-fans,

First of all, thank you very much for voting us into the Top-100 of Indie of the Year 2010. It's been a great year in which the still needed steps to get to a playable version quickly diminished. The switch from being an UT3 Total Conversion Mod to a fullblown UDK stand-alone Indie has been made in the past few months and we've been keeping up with each released monthly build from Epic Games to get the latest possibilities in. Our decision to create a Framework, basically a well-structured extension of the UDK code to handle things like animations, players and teams, has paid off: development time of new modes is now a lot shorter than without the framework. That leaves time for implementing more cool stuff.

As you might have heard, Epic Games has joined as a sponsor in the IOTY 2010 Awards and the prize was a flight to their offices. This was a chance we did not want to miss, so we went all out with creating a special build of Project Stealth. A special build? Yes, we would not have enough time to implement everything, so we chose a subset of features. Certain animations like the neckbreak are not in, there is no freeroaming and so on. In the end it will be a fun gamemode to kill time till the beta release of Project Stealth. We did not make the deadline because even with all our tools, 4 days is not much time if there's also normal work/college involved. However, everything that we have now is useful and will be backported to the main game.

We are still undecisive about what to do with the special build when it's done, but if we make top-10 there's a chance we will release it. ;-) It's really cool. So start voting for Project Stealth and ask all your friends AND enemies to do the same.

Thanks for reading,

The PS Dev Team

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